Automatic high speed socks toe linking machine

Machinee parameter:  

1.can be stepless up to 3400 R/min, yield up to 700 pairs / hour.
2.self-lubricating head device, longer service life; work, low noise, and create a good working environment.
3.the automatic trimming device, effectively control the length of uniform socks, cut sutures, unity.
4.can be flipped into the feeding device, yarn is convenient; built-in automatic lifting device, the more smooth delivery of socks.
5. feed fiber optic sensor time delay function, the speed can be set according to different delay length, effective control of the suture in the sewing of a waste of time.
6.dual-channel head sewn to make socks more solid and smooth.
7.Rated voltage: 220V Frequency: 50 Hz