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Amazing Travel Pillow - CBS knitting machine

Amazing Travel Pillow

Unique & Innovative design for ideal sleeping position

The features of Amazing travel Pillow:

  1. Five modes to improve your sleeping quality

  2. Five types can be altered according to your need.Including the Dozing mode,Snoozing mode,Table Nap mode,Deep sleep mode and Deep sleep mode(Side)

  3. Support the neck to relieve stress with Ergonomic design

  4. Breathe easy when in the table nap mode and Deep sleep mode

  5. Let you sleep in the office,on the plane,the car like sleeping on bed comfortably.

  6. The covers of pillow are made of Brushed velour which is a soft polyester material generally used on high quality pillow

  7. easy to carry anywhere by using the strap

Comfortable Material:

Ergonomically Design provides natural sleeping position

breathable fabric material

supports neck and shoulder muscles for optimal spinal health

suitable for multi-purposes like travelling,camping,outdoor sports,rest at home and office etc

Hand-washable and antibacterial